Jolie Vanier

Growing up in the art world, Jolie found her own niche as a performer at the age of five. Early beginnings took the form of short performances that combined her love of acting, singing and dancing. Jolie’s breakthrough came when writer/director Robert Rodriguez cast her in the Warner Bros. feature film "Shorts". Dividing her time between L.A. and Arizona, she studies French in her spare time (she’d like to act in a French film) and enjoys painting, writing and designing clothes. With the help of her family, Jolie has created two children’s books that celebrate fashion and travel.

Resume Highlights: • Shorts• Strange Little Girl • Detective Claus • Juvinile Delinquence (Nominated for a Young Artist Award) • Published Author

Emma Prescott

Emma has spent most of her life in front of the camera both as an actress and Ford model. She has appeared in feature films such as Good Time Max with James Franco, as a co-star on NBC’s Windfall and as a guest star in television episodes such as Grey’s Anatomy and Entourage. She brings great energy and professionalism to the set. She’s versatile, witty and very bright. When she's not on set she likes to ice skate, paint, sing and hang out with her family.

Resume Highlights: • Must Love Dogs • Series Regular on Windfall • Grey's Anatomy • Entourage • Numb3rs • Good Time Max • Fine Art • Poker • Swimming • Dance

G Hannelius

G, yes G, short for Genevieve, is a triple threat and a lover of life! She is up for an adventure, like the one she is on here in L.A. G puts her all into everything she does. She loves her school and her friends. She has a passion for animals too. G takes wonderful care of her dog, Shumai, her cat, Sammy, and her hamster, Minnie. One of her hobbies is songwriting.

Resume Highlights: • Series Regular/Leo Little's Big Show • Series Regular/Surviving Suburbia • Interrogation (film) •Madeline's Rescue (film) •Singing at the Dogfish Cafe

Drake Kemper

Drake has been entertaining people since he could talk…whether it was telling jokes, or just acting crazy. He started doing stand-up over two years ago, and couldn’t’ have found a better fit! He has graduated from High School early and currently is enrolled in his 2nd year of College education online. Besides acting Drake loves to skateboard, do action sports, and stand-up comedy. He raises awareness for kids with cancer through CCRF.

Resume Highlights: •Last Teen Comic Standing (Finalist) •ICarly • Entourage • Flash Forward •Standup: Gotham, New York & Improv, LA .......CCRF Spokesperson

Isabella Acres

Isabella is a free spirited ray of sunshine. She loves indoor skydiving, swimming, gymnastics and musical theatre. When she's not acting or exercising she enjoys playing with her little sister, painting in watercolors, reading and science experiments. Isabella began reading at age 3 and has written and illustrated several of her own books! She is not afraid of bugs or snakes! She loves all animals.

Resume Highlights: •Series Regular/Better Off Ted • Recurring/The Mentalist • ADR on 30 Days of Night and Fred Claus •Monk

Denzel Whitaker

Besides my love of acting, I like to spend my free time helping my mom with the cooking, surfing on the computer, playstation 2 and the xbox. Like every other kid I like hanging with my friends. I also like hanging with my family because they have a huge impact on my life. Many people don't know this about me, but I love to write small poems and perform them in my free time. My other hobby is to dance like Justin Timberlake and Usher. My basketball skills are just like Michael Jordan's... OK that's only in my dreams but I do have some game. Lately I have been getting into the drums and I hope to start a band. I have a leading role to fulfill at my school, as I am an A student and the president of the entire school! His hobbies include Hip Hop, Alto Sax, Karate and Basketball.

Resume Highlights: • Series Regular on All That •The Great Debaters (Oscar Nominated) • Training Day • Cat In The Hat

Ada-Nicole Sanger

Ada-Nicole began dancing and singing at age three. She has performed in many ballet and jazz productions. Ada-Nicole made her west coast debut in November 2006 at Theatre West in Los Angeles. She enjoys time with family and friends, camping, traveling and collecting Chinese items. She loves to dress up and choreograph her own broadway productions. Her favorite things in life are SeaWorld, Chinese Food, Bratz Dolls, Swimming and her Dog Fluffernutter. She likes to participate in activities with her parents for local charities. Her favorite actors are Will Smith and Amanda Bynes.

Resume Highlights: • Grown Ups (with Adam Sandler) • Backburner • Theatre West

Zander Miner

Zander is a happy kid with a great disposition. He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. He is also quite the talented break dancer! Currently, Zander is studying Capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial arts form. Among his favorite activities are, soccer, swimming, and racing around on his scooter. His new best friend is his puppy, Lilla, a white haired Hungarian Puli.

Resume Highlights: •Yeah Yeah Yeah's Video (Cheated Hearts) •

Madison McLaughlin

Madison McLaughlin has a big personality! She is very energetic and loves to spend time with her 3 little sisters. When not acting, she loves horse-back riding, swimming, shopping, going to the beach and talking on the phone. She is an honor student and loves to watch movies. She has done competitive dance and cheer so she is very athletic. She also loves soccer, soft-ball, and rock-climbing. Her friends describe her as friendly, fun, happy and very energetic!

Resume Highlights: •Volvo Commercial •Young Again •Music Videos

Justin Beals

Justin is a renowned Dance Dance Revolution master, and is also pretty darn good at Guitar Hero. He loves long walks in dimly-lit streets at midnight, and enjoys Gummie Life Savors and Zours. He was raised on a Christmas Tree Farm in Pennsylvania, and moved to California about 6 years ago. He fell in love with acting because his brother broke his arm (llloooong story). He can hold his breath for insanely long amounts of time underwater. He somehow can make incredible half-court shots in basketball, but has trouble dunking (He’s only 5’6”).

Resume Highlights: • Lots' of Theatre •

Ariel Fournier

Ariel was born in a beach town in Florida but is having a blast living here in Los Angeles! She loves to dance, act, sing, play the piano, and loves the water. She SMILES all the time (even in her sleep)!
Ariel has appeared on the cover of American Girl Magazine and is featured in national campaigns for Yamaha. She got bit by the acting bug at age 4 when she appeared in the movie The Tao of Steve. She most recently shot several commercials for Disney and had the time of her life! She can’t wait to see what comes next!

Resume Highlights: •Yamaha Commercial •Disney Commercials • The Tao of Steve

Zoe Miner

Zoe is a bright and intelligent girl who has crossed the Golden Gate Bridge more times than she can remember. Zoe loves to sing, dance, swim, read and write stories. She is a night owl, and usually falls asleep with a book by her side. Zoe has studied Capoeira (a Brazilian Martial Arts form) for self defense. She also collects American Girl dolls. Recently, Zoe has been spending a lot of time with her new dog, Lilla, a white haired Hungarian Puli.

Resume Highlights: •Yeah Yeah Yeah's Video (Cheated Hearts) •

Nate Beals

When Nate isn’t acting, he spends much of his time writing music and making movies with his friends. He is always up for an adventure and loves to explore the great outdoors. Nate has studied eight hours a day, five days a week for a year to improve his singing, dancing, and acting skills and is ready for any obstacle the business might throw at him!

Resume Highlights: • Lots' of Theatre! •

Sammy Boyarsky



Ashley Robinson

Hi, I’m Ashley! I like to dance.... hip-hop, jazz & especially splits. My favorite song to sing is “Popular” from Wicked. One of my hobbies is travel, most recently to Belize. I’m active in my school & have been on Student Council since the 4th grade. I love animals and they love me. I have 6 horses (Sugar, Mara, Rain, Shai, Smokey and my miniature horse Isabella), 3 dogs (Dominique, Jax, and Barney), 1 cat (Kitty Boy), 2 goats (Streak and Zorro), and a pot belly pig (Petunia). I used to ride with the Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team. The Blue Shadows organization teaches precision drill team horse back riding. Each week you rode a different horse which sometimes made it challenging.....fortunately I like a good challenge!

Resume Highlights: •Ugly Betty • Bayer Aspirin • Theatre

Thomas Walker

Hi, Thomas Walker here. I am a Southern California native and love sailing, surfing (anything to do with the ocean), cycling, golf, and tennis In quiet times I enjoy playing my cello or reading a good book. The last four years I have enjoyed doing background acting for television and movies. I love acting and have decided to take it up a notch. Meanwhile, I’m fine tuning my stagecraft and skills with L.A.KidsAct.

Resume Highlights: •iCarley •Zoey 101 • Everybody Hates Chris • Suite Life of Zach and Cody •Movie Surfers •Disne Wizards •Airborne • Hanna Montana • Curb Your Enthusiasm •Drillbit Taylor •Four Christmas's

Kylie Sparks

Animals are my life! I have four dogs at home, and every dog that I see I HAVE to hug. I also have fish and my friends have cats, so I'm around animals a lot of the time. I am not able to bring my dogs with me to L.A. so I miss them terribly when I am there. I Love L.A. ! Hopefully one day we'll move there and I can have my pups with me 24/7. There is nothing like being on the couch with my dog in my lap, just enjoying the day.Some of my hobbies are trumpet, guitar, singing & volleyball. I was also a French Exchange Student!

Resume Highlights: • Series Regular on Complete Savages • E.R. • Pizza (film)

Dyllan Christopher

If you are looking for me you can usually follow the sound of my voice. I learned to talk before I could walk and haven't slowed down since. If it's too quiet though, you'll find me with my nose stuffed in a good book. I love to read as much as talk. I've been acting professionally since I was 2 years old. My hobbies are building creations out of Legos, video and computer games, and trying new things like doing my own stunts, hip-hop dance class, fencing, Soccer, Biking, and motor cycling through the desert with my grandpa.

Resume Highlights: • Seabiscuit • Stuart Little • Armageddon • Storm of the Century • Bernie Mac Show • Strong Medicine • E.R.

Suzi Hofrichter

Hi! I am Suzi, pleasure to meet you. Right now, school is keeping me active. I'm on the tennis and swim team. I also like to do the school plays (this year it was Legend of Sleepy Hollow), and the spring musical (Suessical the Musical). I love theater almost as much as film and television. I am excited to work in any part of acting. I take a hip-hop class and volunteer for the community theatre. I love it there. It is a theater in the round so you really get to capture the audience. As much as I love acting… I love my family even more. I HAVE FIFTY IMMEDIATE RELATIVES!!! Not only that but they all live within a twenty-mile radius of each other. We get together OFTEN, and we talk loud, and eat a lot. I am very busy, but when it comes to acting, I will MAKE room for it! Hobbies include Tennis and Piano.

Resume Highlights: • The Christmas Tree • ...Your Neighbor's Dog

Taylor Boggan

Taylor has been told that he is "wise beyond his years". He pushes himself to excel at whatever he does. He mastered the game of Chess at 3 and continuously works to further improve his game. He also enjoys Golf and mastering Accents. Upon his arrival in L.A., he immediately booked a feature film, playing the young Dean Cain. He has great comedic timing and continues to work on going deeper with his emotions to, as quoted from Taylor, "To bring out the realism in each of my performances".

Resume Highlights: • Lost • Summerland • Judging Amy

JayCee Porter

JayCee Porter is a terrific little girl with a sunny disposition. She loves animals, swimming and is a big fan of ice-skating and Disneyland. She is a quick study and has been reading since she was four years old. (And boy are her eyes tired!) JayCee has recently performed Stand-Up Comedy at the HAHA Comedy Cafe, The Comedy Union and Amagi. She is already training dogs and knows American Sign Language!

Resume Highlights: • Series Regular on Line of Fire • The Wedding Chapel (pilot)• KidsAct Comedy Troupe at the Ice House

Savannah Mersola

Ayyyahh!! As a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, one of my favorite things to do is train at the dojang. I love the confidence, strength, and discipline it gives me. And when I’m not there, you might find me hanging out at the bookstore. I think books are the greatest things since macaroni and cheese! .…but so is talking on the phone, trying out different hair-dos and having sleepovers. So much to do, so little time! I also love singing, making up dance routines to Shania Twain, ice skating and playing woofle ball with my cousin. And, yes, it's true, I am a Spelling Bee Winner!

Resume Highlights: • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory • The Joy House TV Show • KidsAct Improv Troupe at the HA HA Comedy Cafe

Jared Sargent

Jared is very energetic and outgoing and enjoys trying new things. “I love to meet new faces and hang out with people of all ages.” Jared loves sports of all kinds. He plays football, baseball, golf, bowling, skateboarding and rollerblading. “I want to try snowboarding….and not break anything. I enjoy acting and seeing new places. I am a good student and a pretty good hip hop dancer. I love animals of all kinds.”

Resume Highlights: • Max Keebles Big Movie • The Retreat

Emily Roche

My move here from Australia has been amazing! I have even managed to perfect an American accent in the short time I have been here. My hobbies include: singing, dancing, tennis, ice skating, and horseback riding. I recently had the good fortune to dance at the Hollywood Entertainment Center and to do comedy at the HaHa Comedy Cafe'. It has been a blast!

Resume Highlights: • Australian Theatre for Young People

Nick Pasqual

I love being an actor! I absolutely love comedy and have great improvisational skills. When Iam not acting, I enjoy kickboxing and boating. I can also perform some pretty cool maneuvers on my jet ski. However, I never let all of my activities distract me from my school work. I am a great student and anticipate good grades each report card. I enjoy doing Impersonations and dialects and know some basic Japanese.

Resume Highlights: • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno • ABC Family Project

Taylor Harvey

Hey ya'll! I'm from New Orleans...well kinda. I'm about 31 minutes away but I have to go over the longest bridge in the world to get there! A couple of my greatest hobbies are shopping and eating...especially smoothies from Smoothie King! I also enjoy cooking and hanging out with my friends. Family to me is a great deal. All my Aunts and Uncles and their kids meet us at my grandmother Honey's house every Thursday for dinner. That's so much fun!! When I am not doing the acting thaang, I love to go tubing on the river. I love animals too...dogs are my favorite. My sister has a dog named Lucy and when we are not playing hide and seek, I love snuggling on the couch with her. My hobbies are singing, bowling & accents,.

Resume Highlights: • Days of Our Lives • KidsAct Comedy Troupe at the Laugh Factory

Paige Aeschliman

Hi. When I'm not auditioning, taking acting classes with Trisha, taking Karate classes, or in school, you can find me doing improv with my dolls. I love to dress up and be different people. People say that I'm a little quirky...I guess they are right. I love acting, I learn lines quickly, and I get along very well with people and annimals. I have several horses, a dog, a cat, a goat, and others. I live on a farm and get to ride my horses and play with all of them. Most of all I am glad that I have the chance to do what I love doing the most. Acting!

Resume Highlights: • Cafe Americana • McDonalds Commercial